SMIC Inc. has achieved remarkable success in the industrial ceramic sector, with notable growth across the US. Our innovative ceramic solutions and dedication to customer satisfaction have propelled us to become an industry leader. Expanding our operations strategically to key regions, SMIC Inc. has diversified its product offerings, catering to different industrial sectors like aerospace, electronics, and automotive.

Our expertise in ceramics has allowed us to venture into new applications, opening doors to partnerships with various industries. Through continuous innovation and adaptability, SMIC Inc.ā€™s success in the industrial ceramic sector has paved the way for their influence in multiple sectors, solidifying our position as a versatile and thriving enterprise
Workshop Services


In situations where it is not feasible to carry out repairs or modifications within the operating companies, we possess the capability to perform these tasks in our own facilities.

Industrial Production and Assembly

Industrial Production
and Assembly

We specialize in the manufacturing of industrial machines and components

Maintenance Services


Our company provides maintenance services to companies across various sectors, ensuring effective responses to their needs

Other Services


- Programming and Configuration of Robots; - Mechanical and Electrical installation bid packages; - Installation support and line start-up and commissioning services; - P.L.C. and HMI programming.

Our Story

Company history, present
and the future

20 years in the making and Growing

Our experience has allowed us to broaden our range of action to other industries and other states of the American continent throughout these years. We are constantly growing.

Multifunctional and flexible team

Our Group has chosen a multidisciplinary team, consisting of more than 120 specialized technicians, so that we may give the best to our customers.

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our partners

To reach perfection we only work with the best

Good opportunities come to light in ideal contexts. To achieve perfection, it is crucial that we not only work with the best, but also provide innovative solutions that meet the new market needs.

SACMI IMOLA, SACMI FORNI, BMR, TECNOFERRARI, NOVAFIRMA, EUROFILTER, SITI GROUP, BARBIERI&TAROZZI, among others, are just some examples of customers who are satisfied with the professionalism and rigor that sum up SMIC.

Our primary focus is on the Ceramic Industry, although we successfully sought opportunities in food, beverage, and automotive industries across all United States.

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